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Opening Weekend!! 2017-2018 Season

Posted Sat Oct 21, 2017 - 09:22 AM

If you're new to the league, all our games are held at Red River College (2055 Notre Dame Ave), in the North Gym. You won't be able to get in via the front doors, but instead need to enter through the tall building in the middle with the sign that says "Security". North Gym is located on the Mall level all the way down the main hallway. Ask someone in security if you need directions. You have 10 minutes of warm up time before each game, so please arrive early to ensure youre team is ready to go!

Each player must fill out our online digital waiver form before you play. This is for both new players and returning players. Each year you need to sign a new waiver form for the WTHL. If you are found to have played a game before signing the waiver form, your team could have consequences that may change the outcome of your game. If you are having trouble, please contact your team rep.


For those of you over the age of 18, you are all invited to join us at the season opener kick off party!!! This is an informal event, as we're just inviting everyone to come out!
What: Unofficial league kick-off party
Entertainment: Karaoke, drinks and a few laughs!
When: Saturday, 21 October at 9pm
Where: Limelite Tavern
Who: Everybody!
Cost: There are no tickets to purchase, just show up!
If you have any questions about the party, please contact the MTHF Communications Director: Caiti Liewicki:

For anyone travelling from the south end of Winnipeg and are planning on travelling via Kenaston/Route 90, please note the all lanes between McGillvary and Sterling Lyon will be closed this weekend due to railway tracks being replaced. You will have to detour around this area entirely, so don't get caught in the construction!!

Important Dates for the WTHL

Posted Thu Sep 14, 2017 - 06:44 PM

September 14th - Player Registration Opens
October 1st - Team Reps to Submit player names for Rules Clinic
October 4th - Rules Clinic (Sport Manitoba, 7pm-9pm)
October 9th - League Fees Due
October 11th - Introductory Referee Clinic (Sport Manitoba, 7pm-9pm)
October 22nd - Season Opener (Red River College)
December 3rd - End of First Half
January 7th - Start of 2nd Half
January 19th
- Final Rosters to be Submitted
January 20th
- CTHF Fees Due
February 23rd-25th - Heritage Classic Tournament (Regina)
March 4th - Start of Playoffs
April 8th - Last Day of Games
April 27th - League Wind Up

MTHF AGM/WTHL Team Rep Meeting - Sept 13th

Posted Wed Sep 06, 2017 - 07:41 AM

For anyone wishing to attend the MTHF Annual AGM or the WTHL Team Rep Meeting, it is taking place September 13th at the Sport Manitoba Building (145 Pacific Ave) from 7pm-9pm. We will be going over MTHF Board positions and the year, followed by the WTHL agenda for the upcoming season.

If you have any questions about the meeting, please talk to your team rep, or if you are a new team, please contact the WTHL Coordinator:

Final Standings 2016-17 Season

Posted Mon Mar 06, 2017 - 08:46 PM

Final Standings:
The final standings are as follows:

Women's Division:
1st Y & R
2nd Deep Blue
3rd Fury
4th 4 Llamas (Tiebreaker was needed: Head to head)
5th Gambit (Tiebreaker was needed: Head to Head)
6th Phoenix Women
7th Gators

Men's Division:
1st Rebels
2nd Pikeys
3rd Shockers
4th Tube Sharks
5th Tropics
6th Thunder
7th Phoenix
8th Blitz
9th Harambes

Tiebreakers - Overtime

Posted Fri Mar 03, 2017 - 05:53 PM

The standings at the end of the regular season will determine the playoff slot in which your team will start in. If the standings result in a tie, the following format will be followed to determine final standings:

Tiebreaker format:
o Head to head wins
o Lowest points against between tied teams
o Head to head against common opponents

Overtime Format:
During playoffs, if the game ends in a tie at the end of regulation time, officials and teams will follow this overtime format:
If tied at the end of regulation: 2 x 5 minute halves
If still tied: another round of 2 x 5 minute halves
If tied after two rounds of 2 x 5: a single 5 minute period
If tied after single 5 minute period: teams will go to a 5 round shootout (5 players from each team, each shooter a different player)
REMEMBER: Overtimes - No time outs in over time; 1 minute half time; teams switch sides at half

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