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Comment Posted by MeadeDorian Feb 16, 2023 12:23 AM

It is true that servers are also prone to inconspicuously-detected issues when the service is in question. Since its initial release it has experienced major interruptions to the game experience. The result is that players are losing out on progress when the servers for the game were previously down without any prior announcements. Fortunately, there is a way for players to discover whether the game is offline.

FIFA 23 has got off to a rocking start as EA Sports aims to provide an unforgettable experience with the last major release for this franchise under the current name. Next year, the franchise will change its branding as it comes to the end of the license it has currently.

There are a myriad of methods to find out if the FIFA 23 servers are down

As mentioned above, the servers could be down for a reason or inadvertently. Starting at 7:30 am UTC The available services will go down for an hour and a half since EA Sports will be updating its servers. This is normal maintenance, and users shouldn't be concerned about it.

There were times of the past in which the servers went down without prior intimation. This happened during the early time period that was available for FIFA 23 and irritated the majority of players. It's therefore important to be aware of when servers are down and there are many ways to verify.

The best way to go is you follow officially-owned Twitter accounts of FIFA Direct Communication. EA employs the handle to share crucial information and ensure they don't have any miscommunication with their playerbase. In the event that the game is unavailable for maintenance, the game will notify players using this Twitter handle.

Another option is to utilize the site Down Detector. This is a volunteer-run site that monitors server status of various websites and games. If FIFA 23 is down, this will be one of the most reliable places for players to check.

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