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Comment Posted by hgdgsvhgvuj Jul 27, 2022 02:00 AM

RuneScape's biggest flaw, which might also be its biggest advantage, is one found in almost every other MMORPG: its sheer longevity. In between all the thrilling quests and high-octane battles is the relentless grinding away at mundane chores like mining, fishing, or cooking in order to increase your level or gain credits to buy the latest piece of armor or helmet. Gotta make money somehow, right?

Although those pursuits can be enjoyable, they're time spent doing the same thing over and over - time that could or might not be better spent playing around with some shorter, but no less traditional video games.

Instead of being a one-way combat, RuneScape is a painstaking conflict of attrition which is both long and grueling, and which never truly ends. However, it can be highly rewarding if you're prepared to put the time into it, and I was. For a minimum of a one or two years.

I've not played many MMORPGs since, due to my constant shame and loss. Life's demands are a lot more intense and I simply don't have the time to allow them to entice me. Out of all games, they're by far the longest-running, with numerous levels to conquer and things to find. There have been deaths within or as a result of hours of intense play of RuneScape's more youthful but loved sibling, World of Warcraft that is what makes it an intense game.

Nowadays, you'll often find me enjoying Quake as well as Half-Life or hanging out on Team Fortress 2 - games that come in force create a lasting impression and then disappear. It's great to play something you enjoy, and then get rid of quickly, without worrying about how many logs of wood are in my inventory or the location I'm likely to fish during tomorrow's session.

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