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Comment Posted by linchao May 22, 2019 09:05 PM

TAMPA [url=]David Njoku Jersey[/url] , Fla. (AP) — Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson says he was shocked after the Cleveland Browns obtained wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. from the New York Giants.“In sports, in the NFL, today’s age, a lot of crazy things happen,” Wilson said Friday as he arrived for a two-day stay at spring training with the New York Yankees.Wilson, a former minor league infielder [url=]Myles Garrett Jersey White[/url] , spent a week with the Yankees at spring training last year.Another recent NFL deal saw the Oakland Raiders acquire wide receiver Antonio Brown from the Pittsburgh Steelers.“To see Antonio go to the Raiders, and then with Odell leaving New York and going to Cleveland — Cleveland will have a good squad — it’s just part of the process,” Wilson said.Wilson is following which NFL team will draft quarterback Kyler Murray, a two-sport star that opted to report to spring training with the Oakland Athletics.“I think mostly like somebody will take him pretty early in the first five, six, seven picks [url=]Orange Jim Brown Jersey[/url] ,” Wilson said.Wilson said he is not aware of the details of Colin Kaepernick’s settlement of his grievance with the NFL. Kaepernick, who last played in 2016, filed a grievance that he had been blacklisted for kneeling during the national anthem.“He’s a great football player,” Wilson said. “Hopefully you’ll see him in the game again soon.” The Browns improved from 0-16 to 7-8-1 last season, and Freddie Kitchens was a big part of that, taking over as interim offensive coordinator midway through the season and getting the team on the right track. But if you’re happy with 7-8-1 [url=]Jim Brown Jersey 2019[/url] , Kitchens doesn’t want you on his team.Kitchens said at his introductory press conference that he needs to take the Browns into a place where no one is satisfied with being 7-8-1, or with anything short of winning the Super Bowl.“It drives me crazy that people are happy with 7-8-1,” Kitchens said. “It drives me literally crazy and if I was in a different setting, my vocabulary would demonstrate that. But that’s not acceptable. Nobody here wants that. We understand that was an improvement but under no circumstance is that ever going to be acceptable. We only have one goal here and that’s to hoist the Lombardi Trophy.”Those words will be music to the ears of Browns fans. If he can back them up.


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