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Comment Posted by shawnfward Dec 08, 2014 04:06 PM

Hello teams. This was sent to me by Quintin Kuby. Feel free to post in the forum or contact Quintin directly.

Hi Everyone,

As the first half of our season winds down we need to start thinking about Senior Nationals. The junior team, coached by Brad Smale, has been practicing since the start of the season. If we want to send a Senior Mens team to Nationals (In Edmonton), we need to get going with practices. Also if I am not mistaken we need to make a deposit by the end of January if we want to attend.

I would like to start collecting names and contact information for those interested in going. We NEED to meet soon to discuss things like gym time, coaching, and money. I am obviously not looking to coach, but I am willing to help get this organized. If others are willing to help as well that would be great.

Please get a hold of me ASAP if you are interested in playing Senior Mens. You can contact me at Once I get enough people I will set up a day in the next few weeks that we can get together (BP, Tapps, or even Sport Manitoba) and discuss what needs to be discussed.


Quintin Kuby

Comment Posted by jlong32 Dec 10, 2014 06:59 PM


I am very interested in getting on this team.

Feel free to contact me at 204.880.9552


Jeff Long


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